Naix Passers-by strategy

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My understanding is that of the dog, while all the heroes in late
teammates manufacturing output is dependent on environment, or output haven’t
rise, or must also trivial squad rear in the time of harvest (probably awaits
time in 15 minutes to 30 minutes between), through his innate magic from
advantage, quickly by large high ratio of performance in your gear improves
output, the most powerful of the time by struck the other core, regiment wars,
promoting and other forms of cumulative advantage for the group quickly hero.
Must hold good time, grasp the precious FARM time, behind both GANK or group
wars, must always DPS rush on the front line.

Frankly speaking, know za what time is the strongest, the most
powerful using good, use the most powerful aspects opponent. Overwhelming

So, if your puppy in 20 minutes or so fake leg armbands poison ball
dear recoba hammer, then you can ask you map teammates signaling, begins the
centralized push for group wars. Basically to have a hero can resist the crazy
dog at this time in his position is, face rampant, nearly five seconds from the
puppy’s crazy output, and the rear control skills, 5 seconds to put aid over two
is very normal things, then you have to do is, empty empty blue blood before,
then team continue to push back home resupply, continue to push forward for
regiment. In the other group back as soon as possible in wartime mage or is in
front of the shields, and could start regardless of their DPS, want to know this
time compared with a slight output dog, even to have, is key to take care of
objects (shadow fiend bear warrior). Many people feel that the puppy put down
the meat shield comfortable, indeed, but the next time you can walk a very good
case try more exaggerated rear mage, that…… Anyway is, as long as the other
didn’t armor, what is before cloud dog.

Based on such reason has 2, a position is puppy skills, 2 it is
late for most now is (enemy mage the phantom assassin phantom lancer caleb quiet
ghost sea monster soul Sabina guards skeleton striker snake hair enchantress
variant elves dark ranger I just click on the CW pedestrians, such as high play
don’t spray me, hey hey) 15-30 minutes this time is the key to FARM core big
moments, not only fragile, may also because this paragraph of time development
not completely abolished.

Such a dozen words, must choose can quickly establishing advantage
high performance-to-price ratio equipment, so ghouls king forever the armbands
armbands core, the next output outfit whirlpool is right choice, can let the
ghoul on group wartime to produce more damage. As for a lot of people had very
highly destroyed them, not actually destroy ageless FARM, as the first
recommended as time than whirlpool long, secondly minus a main bonus damage, but
feast feast in the passive in most DPS, output capacity is not outstanding, so
can change your way of thinking, using it as a good output auxiliary, have good,
need not as soul view, the key still around skill possessed the output of free
time fuss. So crystal sword crystal sword and crazy masks mad face as optional
equipment. But consider staying power, the thor hammer of the big ray hammer can
provide ghouls much-needed atk.spd, so now more suitable to serve as ray hammer
version of the first one. After armbands Our point control patch crushed bones
hammer insufficient, kohler dagger dizzy hammer of gems, exciting timely this
low ratio of things would wait to say again…


At present, in whatever passers-by or cw ice ray are absolute rule play style. Pre-production attribute outfit go out, (poison ball and shoes yi ke, see individual style), take less supplies.

Add a few class pressure line-of-sight on ice, is commonly 3 q point, a great overtime, then, then look at the situation with ray, the choice is to continue to need is lacking in ice or for a first grade 4 fire fire small people, and other skills.

The core equipment is the wand ashes, big phase drum with standard and optional. This Hair drier, nudge is good in parts. Big many to choose from west watts in a sheep knife or account of the team DPS DPS insufficient (typically big electricity installed according to hammer, a gold hoop stick or butterfly is also good).

Then is the core skills, the rapid freezing on Y on a line and cooperate with small QQW phantom gank, walking the many a god to escape, mid level energy level gradually improve later, ray blowback and composed of thunderstorm can combo bucked the powerful. Mid-late ice walls and bb wave can be over-indulgence of the DPS caused great trouble. The large, ice hot level full later after fire people clever quick rock, skyfire, all is Carl is indeed the most terrible late existence. This play is the advantages of online reply, superior, and the compressive capacity ability strong, have certain ability to escape, because the strength, Carl ice improve abnormal meat, ray’s existence, Carl’s mobility also is guaranteed. Vacuum period shorter, although the demand is higher, but to rank low on equipment requirements. Skills combo simple and CD short hair drier is 25s, thunderstorm small clashes large-scale regiment war a good performance.

For simple, so strong.

But is also simple, make ice ray card has a lot of can be replicated sex, can be targeted. Here’s shortcomings we behind again.

Storm Spirit strategy

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Now that is a Ganker, then kill will note many things. Above all, it is the stranger, strongly recommend then Storm Spirit of single, go out must have chicken, first leave for $200 and then buy a teammate, nobody is bought oneself bought. Then a bottle began to control speed control to reply, F phantom take suppress the middle, control to double accelerate stealth observation, analysis under each under way, which can kill the priority for murder took double double > > walk single kill > short-cut single road kill > > middle suppress fully single kill, that is as far as the kill, nothing to find nearly ran, and blind road don level are important to you, accused of the F don’t busy eating, nobody can kill words, please keep etc opportunities. Etc and hang up fake leg after your MP cap 1000, broke out with considerable damage. NS, small Y, Puck, strygwyr etc, kill before you look before you leap. Don’t literally of van risks, to know alone you fly past next is probably not fly back! A life for a life many times are losing money! You early life than a lot of people are precious! And a small doohickey, G is can point man, point to others words you will in front of others, and a place to stop, like the E effect skevenstar brings up a question, so the effect is open tree G then Storm Spirit during a flight off the collision volume of trees, not met within the scope of the damage then Storm Spirit trees, nor is the beginning and the end, the thin line 1 simple terms you some others point habit will one day be a tragedy, wait you rushed the woods opposite the guy that you and wait a tree you confess, so be sure to others to get the good habit of front point!

Prior, in you to a false legs, double hang, basic equipment wand, is your time punches. This time to various TP support teammates, or find unpunctual GANK the enemy hero, driving the Allies rhythm.

In 25 minutes to 35 minutes of this period, in the middle of the game, you can be strong Farm about a pack quite fast speed, speed should make sheep, you ShuaQian goods such as BKB than Pom, the rate of water, people, SF toshimi koitabashi these big brush to is completely not virtual oh, and ability to escape is first-class, with lines can only use handy remit to describe it.

The game, then Storm Spirit to mid cannot be allowed to play to the opposite big 50 minutes later, the battle is the limit, in fifty minutes ago must play to opposite GG or fall base or completely lost in combat, otherwise the rivalry, big late him at a disadvantage when is later? Is this group of UG and monkeys and save the world from the guy to suppress the pioneer HY blade mail, it is then Storm Spirit can cope limits, no more can GG, should the kite has not put then Storm Spiritdead.

Late in the fight then Storm Spirit is absolute power control when, owning 2 monomer limit skills, a group deceleration skills, 1 infinite kite skills, full play dead then Storm Spirit personal and help control 1 1 personal is no problems! (even has had certain powerful big later), recommend a small operation, here, this operation G west watts in can manufacture the cool Dota biggest AOE, guaranteeing opposite everyone could be over to west watts. Another note cut the timing of the battlefield. In simple terms, don’t view in others, forever in the shadows appear wander, you are a has not be interrupted jump cut, the big recruit Zues, UG don’t cut, keep 1,500 yards affect in the distance, and after the war out immediately opposite to its strong and weak point, rapid blow!