New hero Rubick

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Mage can not steal the skills of a large classification     This afternoon about 6.72 and students tested the new hero, his big move too strong, and can learn almost all the skills. But there are still some skills can not learn. Is as follows:

1. All the passive skills . Skeleton King of the ResurrectionIs passive, the same can not be copied.
2. To change the model to trigger skills. Many of these skills, the typical incarnations, such as TB, SV’s large, The great alchemist, The great king dead, The big werewolf, Druid, The big Dragoon, Tir Du beauty division, Troll conversion form。4. The need for a hero to do parameter modification of the skills (including increasing the buff). Such as the burning of the diameter of the bat, Death Prophet’s big move, Undead Dragon Soul Assumption, End of the phagocytosis, The big spider
5. special skills . Such as the Druid Summon Spirit Bear, Spider webs

1. Can make the learning needs of specific action hero skills, will cause damage, but no animation. Such as the Blademaster Bladestorm, Tidal anchor attackAnd so on.
2. Can learn the magic of the Medusa ShieldIn a way that makes him a human shield.
3. Can learn the big move PhoenixCan be resurrected.
4. Can learn the great Undead Dragon, As long as Familiars die, can always have. Similarly there is the church of the trap, can be used when the eye.
5. Optical method can learn skills after opening a large, blinding halo and call.
6. Learn the skills of argument with the then state of the enemy heroes, such as the large shadow magic trickHe has the soul and the number of related.


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