Dota S key Use

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

The most common S key way to catch up sword S key, first, you should familiarize yourself before the attack used wave, dota heroes damage and creeps and HP etc, mastering rhythm, always press S key let your hero to stop attacks, use the mouse cursor over batman head could observe the blood, or open show blood function, I personally don’t like auto show blood, finally let S key to patch to batman finally once. Generally speaking, press S role is repeated a period before you wave wave long before, especially for greater dota heroes strategies significance. You need to fill in, stop the sword, such moves by S may have occurred before wave of, so you are more likely to fill knife. (the most not ideal is just restart former shake, shake long before the need to control the heroes by S rhythm). But for the former wave short if you don’t move around hero still for a Razor blade, for instance Sharpeye Kardel and. Just began to anyone not accustomed to, me too slowly to practice, practice makes perfect. Only learn to change, could progress.

S key terminated the cast, all skills of skills basically all action raised is S key can be used to cancel the cast, this is the skills of others hoodwinking termination is also a key moment skill, the release of method skills. Mainly several categories, (1) the Bradwarden, Slardar, Mangix, Linda Stonehoo, Nevermore, Raigor such a hero Inverse \ \ S key skills can be cancelled and (2) with the Slithice and transmit, Furion the nets, Meepo Meepo the teasing. (3) moreover is flashing like enemy method, Nessaj skill is pain the queen, Mortred, Rikimaru etc, the hero of jump 4.more manufacturing illusion, such as Slithice and soul of course can also be Rikimaru guards could be lifted, such as the King of [hammer leoric, Sven etc hero can cancel island hammer the big move with the authorized Nevermore, Mangix Viper, Kardel Sharpeye etc, the big recruit.

S key can trigger some passive skills, for instance, the Barathrum JuLi slams, Rikimaru dagger, monkeys manufacturing illusion as crazy as by S key will appear JuLi slams and illusions of course with people rally later regiment war when can’t use just fill knife or belt, Rikimaru line can backstab can walk to batman behind by S will always has a. Former double dragon can also but now been converted into a time interval skill is washed-up.

S key for some special heroes, such as Strgwyr, faerie dragon to you enlarge, according to the best directly after S key support or wait until TP Ezalor teammates for you, you also put mana loss according to run, had better not S key stops. Of course this also can’t general say so. After all, sometimes level 1 mana losing magic is not a lot of people, and opposite to you, and it still runs the sooner the better or drill to shadow return directly.


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