6.72 Naga Siren

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

For the hero very words of love, caleb 6.72 nadia sea monster will
crit changed to reduce armor, research XiaoNa the attack output under.

First foundation knowledge:

1 the first analysis small which output components:

No purification knife: physical output and physically doppelganger
physical output, 6.71 version with crit, both will be armor influence

A cleansing knife: doppelganger physical output, physically and
physically and doppelganger purification knife feedback method ball output.
Including purify knife feedback method ball wont be crit expand, not because it
is played and reduce (and therefore doppelganger of small sword which is
purifying qualitative change), feedback method ball output will be armor

2 armor formula:

(1) armor for are: output percentage: 1 – (armor * 0.06) / (1 +
armor * 0.06)

(2) armor for negative: output percentage 0.94:2 – ^ (- armor)

3 about melee doppelganger:

Inheriting base damage (main attribute the damage), inheritance
with agile adds attack speed, inheriting feedback method ball.

Basic knowledge finished

6.71 situation:

A 4th level crit 45% 1.5 times grade 4 doppelganger, small, which
base damage a. (small which mainstream equipment the base damage ascension, it
rarely physically and ignore doppelganger attack speed difference ignored.

Click view a larger version

15 levels fly shoes level 2 bonus damage to LongXin small which
lost A = 123, home than: 115.01% output ascension.

6.71 version of the crit on purification knife small that output
ascension in between 122.5% grown to about. As the game more and more to the
later development.

6.72 situation:

Reduced armor to improve output enemy

In the enemy armor – 1 to 10 torrent of between output is certainly
improving than crit improve output high, in the enemy armor is extremely low
slightly as crit, in the enemy armor high output and critical strikes have a
certain disparity.

After comparison, anyhow, consider the aoe damage and white-water
in his teammates in the output increased, the ferocity of the small that greatly
improved, and especially for mage threat greater. In equipment just molding the
ferocity of much higher than before. But with the game the extension of time,
more than their output before fatigue. In short by large later became a similar
pseudo existence after. More than ever before being added armor props and skills
so as to better fit restraint is reduced armor squad. Meanwhile more suitable
for now 40 minutes ended the match rhythm.

Another thing is that the overtime and magic straight becomes
entanglements, personal recommendation teammates control in nets, plentiful
grade 1 to add, riptide doppelganger and less teammates control provids
doppelganger, vice stream then point of each skill use need more thinking,
skills release difficulty increases.


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