Traxex – DR Dozen

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Black’s viability is poorer, power growth is not high, no escape skills not meat skills, prevent GANK completely through own consciousness, through to the small map enemy GANK the position of the powerful hero judgment. An anti GANK little detail right, is out to dominate in helmet summons a creeps in key crossroads, such as river down a, do an activity with the eyes.

Affirmation is to walk on the road, online advantage if opposite of melee hero or is no what outbreaks of skills, can continuously using manual frost arrow effect point man, you need to be aware that black that long hands action disrupt their rhythm, this still fill knife need more practice.

Online murderers method is to make each other? And the life value of the consumption to a very awkward position, make the other side feel eat a ointment a bit expensive, and don’t want to leave experience area, cooperate with some control skills around the hero after two rounds of skills by rivals, typical release charge off like black good partner spirit of vengeance magic arrow released two times could kill.

Explain alone is war, silent group is a strong magic stones skills, war, a group of release in silence magic could become the other destroyed reasons. Group


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