Summoners mainstream dozen strategy

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

At present, in whatever passers-by or cw ice ray are absolute rule play style. Pre-production attribute outfit go out, (poison ball and shoes yi ke, see individual style), take less supplies.

Add a few class pressure line-of-sight on ice, is commonly 3 q point, a great overtime, then, then look at the situation with ray, the choice is to continue to need is lacking in ice or for a first grade 4 fire fire small people, and other skills.

The core equipment is the wand ashes, big phase drum with standard and optional. This Hair drier, nudge is good in parts. Big many to choose from west watts in a sheep knife or account of the team DPS DPS insufficient (typically big electricity installed according to hammer, a gold hoop stick or butterfly is also good).

Then is the core skills, the rapid freezing on Y on a line and cooperate with small QQW phantom gank, walking the many a god to escape, mid level energy level gradually improve later, ray blowback and composed of thunderstorm can combo bucked the powerful. Mid-late ice walls and bb wave can be over-indulgence of the DPS caused great trouble. The large, ice hot level full later after fire people clever quick rock, skyfire, all is Carl is indeed the most terrible late existence. This play is the advantages of online reply, superior, and the compressive capacity ability strong, have certain ability to escape, because the strength, Carl ice improve abnormal meat, ray’s existence, Carl’s mobility also is guaranteed. Vacuum period shorter, although the demand is higher, but to rank low on equipment requirements. Skills combo simple and CD short hair drier is 25s, thunderstorm small clashes large-scale regiment war a good performance.

For simple, so strong.

But is also simple, make ice ray card has a lot of can be replicated sex, can be targeted. Here’s shortcomings we behind again.


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