Leshrac strategy

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Able to harass from screens away, Leshrac packs a punch
everywhere, pubs or leagues. The ultimate AOE heroes that can kill a whole team
just by standing in the middle. Taking down towers in a whim, and his pushing
abilities are on par with KotL. A killer, A ganker, supporter, pusher,
early-late gamer, that is Leshrac. With this guide I shall show you the ways of
the Tormented Soul.

Leshrac the Malicious, Tormented Soul

  • Neutral
  • Tavern: Intelligence
  • 0.4 / 0.77
  • 45 – 49
  • 0.7 / 0.8
  • 3.3
  • 1.7
  • 310
  • 900
  • 600
  • 1800 / 900

Skill Build:

1. Split Earth 2. Lightning Storm 3. Lightning Storm 4. Split Earth 5. Lightning Storm 6. Split Earth

7.. Lightning Storm 8. Split Earth 8. Split Earth 9. Stats10. Pulse Nova 11. Pulse Nova 12. Stats
13. Stats 14. Stats 15. Stats 16. Pulse Nova 17. Diabolic Edict 18. Diabolic Edict 19. Diabolic Edict
20. Diabolic Edict 21. Stats 22. Stats 23. Stats 24. Stats 25. Stats

Splits the earth(T) under your enemies feet. Deals damage and stuns for a short
Level 1 – Deals 70 damage and stuns for 1.25 second. 150
Level 2 – Deals 140 damage and stuns for 1.5 seconds. 175 AoE
Level 3
– Deals 210 damage and stuns for 1.75 seconds. 200 AoE
Level 4 – Deals 290
damage and stuns for 2 seconds. 225 AoE.
Mana Cost:
Cooldown: 9
Diabolic Edict (C)
Saturates the area around Leshrac with magic, causing random explosions to
enemies. Lasts 8 seconds.
Level 1 – 32 explosions of 12.5 damage each (total
of 400 damage).
Level 2 – 32 explosions of 25 damage each (total of 800
Level 3 – 32 explosions of 37.5 damage each (total of 1200
Level 4 – 32 explosions of 50 damage each (total of 1600
• Damage type: mixed
• The explosions will continue even if
Leshrac is disabled or killed.
• Can damage invisible heroes if they are
within the AoE.
• Can damage structures.
• Area of Effect: 500
Cost: 95/120/135/155
Cooldown: 22 seconds

Lightning Storm (G)

Calls a lightning storm that hits nearby enemies.
Level 1 – 80 damage. Jumps
4 times.
Level 2 – 145 damage. Jumps 6 times.
Level 3 – 205 damage.
Jumps 7 times.
Level 4 – 265 damage. Jumps 8 times.
Mana Cost: 100/ 115/
130/ 145
Cooldown: 6

Pulse Nova (V)

Summons a Pulse Nova every second to damage nearby enemies.
Level 1 – 66
(88*) damage per nova.
Level 2 – 100 (133*) damage per nova.
Level 3 – 144
(177*) damage per nova.
Mana Cost: 110 to activate + 20/40/60
Cooldown: 0
• Damage type: magical
• Will not deal damage if
Leshrac is invisible.
• Area of Effect: 400
• Can be improved by
Aghanim’s Scepter (* shows the improved values

Deals a potential huge damage on all foes. I advise that only activate this
skill on team fight or solo kill, because it drains a lot of mana.

Early Game (Level 1-8)

Leshrac doesn’t have a decent amount of HP, so I’m recommending either a
Bracer and Urn of Shadow or both then Magic Wand w/ consumable items or Bottle.
Harass with “Lightning Storm” if solo on mid. If your on dual lane, and your
partnered with a disable hero, make sure to get “Split Earth” , or if you
planning to an early push put your skills on “Diabolic Edict” and “Lightning
Storm”. I advise that you skip level 1 Pulse Nova since Leshrac doesn’t have
enough mana pool to activate it longer. An early Arcane Boots will be a hassle
for your enemies.

Mid Game (Level 9-15)

Start putting skill points on your ultimate, since your mana will be peak in
1,000 mana points. Always remember to activate your “Pulse Nova” whenever there
is a fight, and also deactivate it, when there are no enemy heroes nearby. Start
roaming around since you won’t having any problem farming. Ask for gank, and
push when there is opportunity. Also don’t go solo, when there is no ally nearby
or the enemy heroes are not on the map, Leshrac is prone on being gank, “Split
Earth” is your only escape tool, if you don’t have “Kelen Dagger” yet, the skill
is not very reliable so don’t let your guards down and be active.

Late Game (Level 16++)

This is where Leshrac become very crucial, because he can defend, nuke, and
push. Just don’t go solo when pushing always be with your team, only push solo
when there is a opportunity, just make sure you always carry Teleportation
Scroll, so you can go back and defend. Take advantage of the three nuke skills
of Leshrac, casting “Diabolic Edict”, “Split Earth” and “Lightning Storm”; you
have a huge mana pool now, don’t forget about “Pulse Nova” but even though you
have great amount of mana, it also can be depleted so watch out, and when
deactivating, leave some for your other skills, to Stun, chase and escaping.

Recommend Items


New hero Rubick

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Mage can not steal the skills of a large classification     This afternoon about 6.72 and students tested the new hero, his big move too strong, and can learn almost all the skills. But there are still some skills can not learn. Is as follows:

1. All the passive skills . Skeleton King of the ResurrectionIs passive, the same can not be copied.
2. To change the model to trigger skills. Many of these skills, the typical incarnations, such as TB, SV’s large, The great alchemist, The great king dead, The big werewolf, Druid, The big Dragoon, Tir Du beauty division, Troll conversion form。4. The need for a hero to do parameter modification of the skills (including increasing the buff). Such as the burning of the diameter of the bat, Death Prophet’s big move, Undead Dragon Soul Assumption, End of the phagocytosis, The big spider
5. special skills . Such as the Druid Summon Spirit Bear, Spider webs

1. Can make the learning needs of specific action hero skills, will cause damage, but no animation. Such as the Blademaster Bladestorm, Tidal anchor attackAnd so on.
2. Can learn the magic of the Medusa ShieldIn a way that makes him a human shield.
3. Can learn the big move PhoenixCan be resurrected.
4. Can learn the great Undead Dragon, As long as Familiars die, can always have. Similarly there is the church of the trap, can be used when the eye.
5. Optical method can learn skills after opening a large, blinding halo and call.
6. Learn the skills of argument with the then state of the enemy heroes, such as the large shadow magic trickHe has the soul and the number of related.

Dota 6.70 Ymir for gank

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Ymir is a Strength hero which added to the Sentinel in DotA 6.70. This post will provide you with the Tuskarr Skill Description, the Tuskarr Guide, the Tuskarr Strategy, the Tuskarr Item Build and the Ymir the Tuskarr Skill Build.
Main Attribute: Strength
Alliance: Sentinel
Agility: 23 + 2.1             Starting Armor: 3
Intelligence: 18 + 1.7      Movement Speed: 305
Strength: 23 + 2.3          Attack Range: Melee
Ice Shards
Tuskarr compresses 5 shards of ice into a ball of frozen energy that
damages all enemies in comes in contact with. If the ball comes in
contact with an enemy hero or reaches its maximum range the shards are
released, creating a barrier that lasts for 5 seconds.
Travel AOE: 200
Cast Range: 1500
Damage: 70/140/210/280
Shards Duration: 5
Manacost: 120
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12
Shards block path
Has quite damage, but the ability to block the path is the most useful one. The range is high and allow you to harass from far away.
Tuskarr and any nearby allied heroes roll in a quickly growing snowball towards the target enemy unit. Any victims caught in the snowball\\\’s path take damage and are briefly stunned; the final target takes 40 extra damage and 0.25 extra stun duration.
The snowball moves at the combined move speed of the heroes within.
Damage: 40/80/120/160
Stun Duration: 0.25/0.5/0.75/1.0
AOE: 200 + 40 per second
Target Cast Range: 1250
Manacost: 75
Cooldown: 40
Note: Stops traveling after 4 seconds.
A unique skill which maybe fit the best for the Christmas. Have a really long target range. A nice skill to initiate a gank.
Frozen Sigil
Tuskarr summons a Frozen Sigil by calling upon the deepest cold of winter. The Sigil creates a snowstorm which slows all enemy units within 600 range.
MS Slow: 10/15/20/25%
AS Slow: 30/40/50/60%
Movement Speed: 310 (Flying Unit)
Sigil HP: 300 (same as pugna’s ward)
Bounty: 90/100/110/120
Duration: 30
Cooldown: 50
Manacost: 75
Note: Spawns infront of him
A really useful skill for team battle. Will slow down the enemies on the area targeted.
Ymir the Tuskarr Ultimate
Walrus Punch
Ymir the characteristics of swing ignore dodge
Tuskarr prepares his mighty Walrus Punch; his next attack will do a critical strike and launch the victim into the air. The victim will be slowed upon landing and take damage.
Critical Strike: 2.5x (4x if the target is below 50% hp)
Landing Damage: 100/200/300
Landing Slow: 40%
Landing Slow Duration: 2/3/4 seconds
Cooldown: 18/16/14
Manacost: 50/75/100
A cool move which a little similar to Tiny’s Toss. It deals lots of damage, especially to the below 50% HP enemies.
Ymir the Tuskarr Skill Build
1. Snowball
2. Ice Shard
3. Ice Shard
4. Snowball
5. Ice Shard
6. Walrus Punch
7. Ice Shard
8. Snowball
9. Snowball
10. Frozen Sigil
11. Walrus Punch
12-14. Frozen Sigil
15. Stats
16. Walrus Punch
17-25. Stats
Snowball is for early ganking while Ice Shard is for your main nuke. Walrus always taken whenever without any question. Maximize Snowball and then Frozen Sigil.

Dota S key Use

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The most common S key way to catch up sword S key, first, you should familiarize yourself before the attack used wave, dota heroes damage and creeps and HP etc, mastering rhythm, always press S key let your hero to stop attacks, use the mouse cursor over batman head could observe the blood, or open show blood function, I personally don’t like auto show blood, finally let S key to patch to batman finally once. Generally speaking, press S role is repeated a period before you wave wave long before, especially for greater dota heroes strategies significance. You need to fill in, stop the sword, such moves by S may have occurred before wave of, so you are more likely to fill knife. (the most not ideal is just restart former shake, shake long before the need to control the heroes by S rhythm). But for the former wave short if you don’t move around hero still for a Razor blade, for instance Sharpeye Kardel and. Just began to anyone not accustomed to, me too slowly to practice, practice makes perfect. Only learn to change, could progress.

S key terminated the cast, all skills of skills basically all action raised is S key can be used to cancel the cast, this is the skills of others hoodwinking termination is also a key moment skill, the release of method skills. Mainly several categories, (1) the Bradwarden, Slardar, Mangix, Linda Stonehoo, Nevermore, Raigor such a hero Inverse \ \ S key skills can be cancelled and (2) with the Slithice and transmit, Furion the nets, Meepo Meepo the teasing. (3) moreover is flashing like enemy method, Nessaj skill is pain the queen, Mortred, Rikimaru etc, the hero of jump 4.more manufacturing illusion, such as Slithice and soul of course can also be Rikimaru guards could be lifted, such as the King of [hammer leoric, Sven etc hero can cancel island hammer the big move with the authorized Nevermore, Mangix Viper, Kardel Sharpeye etc, the big recruit.

S key can trigger some passive skills, for instance, the Barathrum JuLi slams, Rikimaru dagger, monkeys manufacturing illusion as crazy as by S key will appear JuLi slams and illusions of course with people rally later regiment war when can’t use just fill knife or belt, Rikimaru line can backstab can walk to batman behind by S will always has a. Former double dragon can also but now been converted into a time interval skill is washed-up.

S key for some special heroes, such as Strgwyr, faerie dragon to you enlarge, according to the best directly after S key support or wait until TP Ezalor teammates for you, you also put mana loss according to run, had better not S key stops. Of course this also can’t general say so. After all, sometimes level 1 mana losing magic is not a lot of people, and opposite to you, and it still runs the sooner the better or drill to shadow return directly.

6.72 Naga Siren

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For the hero very words of love, caleb 6.72 nadia sea monster will
crit changed to reduce armor, research XiaoNa the attack output under.

First foundation knowledge:

1 the first analysis small which output components:

No purification knife: physical output and physically doppelganger
physical output, 6.71 version with crit, both will be armor influence

A cleansing knife: doppelganger physical output, physically and
physically and doppelganger purification knife feedback method ball output.
Including purify knife feedback method ball wont be crit expand, not because it
is played and reduce (and therefore doppelganger of small sword which is
purifying qualitative change), feedback method ball output will be armor

2 armor formula:

(1) armor for are: output percentage: 1 – (armor * 0.06) / (1 +
armor * 0.06)

(2) armor for negative: output percentage 0.94:2 – ^ (- armor)

3 about melee doppelganger:

Inheriting base damage (main attribute the damage), inheritance
with agile adds attack speed, inheriting feedback method ball.

Basic knowledge finished

6.71 situation:

A 4th level crit 45% 1.5 times grade 4 doppelganger, small, which
base damage a. (small which mainstream equipment the base damage ascension, it
rarely physically and ignore doppelganger attack speed difference ignored.

Click view a larger version

15 levels fly shoes level 2 bonus damage to LongXin small which
lost A = 123, home than: 115.01% output ascension.

6.71 version of the crit on purification knife small that output
ascension in between 122.5% grown to about. As the game more and more to the
later development.

6.72 situation:

Reduced armor to improve output enemy

In the enemy armor – 1 to 10 torrent of between output is certainly
improving than crit improve output high, in the enemy armor is extremely low
slightly as crit, in the enemy armor high output and critical strikes have a
certain disparity.

After comparison, anyhow, consider the aoe damage and white-water
in his teammates in the output increased, the ferocity of the small that greatly
improved, and especially for mage threat greater. In equipment just molding the
ferocity of much higher than before. But with the game the extension of time,
more than their output before fatigue. In short by large later became a similar
pseudo existence after. More than ever before being added armor props and skills
so as to better fit restraint is reduced armor squad. Meanwhile more suitable
for now 40 minutes ended the match rhythm.

Another thing is that the overtime and magic straight becomes
entanglements, personal recommendation teammates control in nets, plentiful
grade 1 to add, riptide doppelganger and less teammates control provids
doppelganger, vice stream then point of each skill use need more thinking,
skills release difficulty increases.

Traxex – DR Dozen

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Black’s viability is poorer, power growth is not high, no escape skills not meat skills, prevent GANK completely through own consciousness, through to the small map enemy GANK the position of the powerful hero judgment. An anti GANK little detail right, is out to dominate in helmet summons a creeps in key crossroads, such as river down a, do an activity with the eyes.

Affirmation is to walk on the road, online advantage if opposite of melee hero or is no what outbreaks of skills, can continuously using manual frost arrow effect point man, you need to be aware that black that long hands action disrupt their rhythm, this still fill knife need more practice.

Online murderers method is to make each other? And the life value of the consumption to a very awkward position, make the other side feel eat a ointment a bit expensive, and don’t want to leave experience area, cooperate with some control skills around the hero after two rounds of skills by rivals, typical release charge off like black good partner spirit of vengeance magic arrow released two times could kill.

Explain alone is war, silent group is a strong magic stones skills, war, a group of release in silence magic could become the other destroyed reasons. Group

Dota Theme

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This software is one of my favorites. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE USED THIS SOFTWARE YET, DO INSTALL IT. It’s awesome!

What I write henceforth are the words of Infriosis who is the creator of this software.

About the Software:

Hey guys,

Did you ever think that playing DotA on the very same terrain all the time is boring?
Is -terrain snow just not good enough? Are you looking for change?

Well, that’s absolutely no problem!

I proudly present:

The DotA Theme Manager

The DotA Theme Manager – in short: DTM – allows you to change the look of the terrain while still allowing you to play with people who do not use the DotA Theme Manager – on battle.net, garena, hamachi, just everywhere.

Multiple themes are available: Beach, Barrens, Snow, Hell, City and Highlands, all of them having a unique design!

Many of you will wonder how it works…well, it is simple: The DTM exchanges textures of terrain, trees and doodads in the MPQ files – basically the storing files for WC3. The process is easily reversible, not harming WC3 at all, and it causes no problems in the interaction with other players who do not use the DTM. A tiny negative point is that is also changes the textures for other maps which might look a bit bad, but if you restore it to original it works again, so it is never problematic.

How to Install:

Since many people have problems installing the DotA Theme Manager, I advise you to follow the installation guide.

1. Download the newest version of the DotA Theme Manager
2. Unpack* the file IN your warcraft folder – in most cases C:\Program Files\Warcraft III.
You can find the paths the files should have below!
3. DO NOT move or rename any of the files you unpacked. The path must be: “\Warcraft III\DTMV4\”
4. If you want it on your desktop, create a shortcut of the exe file.
5. make sure both your WC3 and your World Editor are closed!
6. Go!
Note: needs to be ‘Run as administrator’ under Vista to run entirely properly (thanks to Dagguh for this information!).
*) you need WinRAR to unpack it.


The DotA Theme Manager uses the following paths for the files:

Warcraft III Folder\DTMV4
-this is the folder you should see when you open your WC3 folder.
In it, you should have:
Warcraft III Folder\DTMV4\DTMV4.exe
-the application itself. Use this executable to start the DotA Theme Manager.
Warcraft III Folder\DTMV4\Data
-the Data-Folder, containing all necessary data the DTM needs to work.
Don’t change anything here!